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Do you understand what makes your business unique and why customers buy from you rather than your competition?  Is it difficult to highlight your intangible benefits to your prospects?


Whether your unique strengths are people, facilities, processes, service, or technology, video makes your unique capabilities visible and improves your sales and profits.


Improve sales by equipping your sales force with effective marketing videos:


Video Content for Web Sites Enhance your web presence with video clips made especially for  web sites.

Video BrochuresHighlight your business with the impact of a video brochure, often at lower costs than other media.

Broadcast Commercial SpotsReach potential customers with cost-effective TV commercial spots broadcast through local cable outlets.

Trade Show Sales VideosGrab the attention of attendees and improve visibility of your company or product at trade shows and conventions.

Product Information Videos Educate customers about products or services they have  purchased.




Successful Training Solutions


Is your training comprehensive and consistent? Do you need to reduce training costs and overhead?


Whether you need to orient new hires, train employees, teach customers how to use your products, or record seminars for future or off-site viewing, Sweetwater Video Productions combines the expertise required in video production with a thorough understanding of business practices to craft a video that meets your training needs.


Enhance your company's training experience by using video for:


Orientation VideosEnsure important policies and procedures are outlined and communicated effectively and help new employees experience the company culture.

Employee Training VideosReduce costs and systematize your training to provide consistent quality and learning for your employees and clients.

Instructional VideosIncrease customer satisfaction and reduce the burden of technical support.

SeminarsMaximize training dollars by recording seminars for future employees, absent employees, and employees in remote locations.

Video Streaming Stream video across the Web for clients or remote company locations.

Let Sweetwater Video Productions help you:


  • Standardize presentation of important concepts to ensure best practices are sustained and repeated
  • Deploy training resources more effectively by recording your best program and presenting it over and over.
  • Improve your training program with a professionally produced video that reflects your company's commitment to quality.
  • Leverage your video investment with cost effective updates.




Informative Safety Videos


Visitor Safety Videos ∙ Contractor Safety Videos

New Hire Safety Videos ∙ Plant Orientation Videos


Your company's goal is for employees, contractors and visitors to go home safe to their families at the end of the work day. Even with all you do, the unexpected can still happen. Are you sure everybody in your plant knows what to do when the alarm sounds?


Whether you need to educate visitors, new employees, or contractors, video communicates vital information they need to stay safe inside your plant.


Improve your plant orientation program with a professionally produced video that reflects your company's commitment to safety:


Plant orientation videosHighlight the unique safety requirements and hazards for your plant.

Safety VideosCustomize safety information for visitors, contractors and new hires.


Sweetwater Video Productions uses video shot on location inside your plant to show viewers how and where to shelter in place, where to check in with plant personnel in an emergency,  evacuation routes, what to do in case of chemical contact, and how to use safety showers and eye-wash stations. We include information about proper PPE, banned substances, driving regulations, special hazards, and more.




Live Event Recording & Webcasting

Do you need to record company meetings? Would you like to webcast events on your network?


Whether you want to record a company event, publish a meeting on line, or send video in real time to remote company sites, webcast video streams your content from any site that has broadband access to any site with an Internet connection.


Stream video live to the Internet:


Company-wide meetingsEnsure everyone in the company has access to the same meetings while reducing travel costs and time away from remote offices.

Product AnnouncementsInform sales staff and key customers of new products and upgrades by streaming product announcements directly to their computers in real time.


Sweetwater Video Productions produces live video using multiple cameras, graphics and pre-recorded audio and video. At the same time, we record your live event and can upload it to your company's site (or record it to DVD) for future use.




The video production process is more than just a person shooting video with a GoPro or smart phone. Our process of defining business objectives, planning the project, producing the video and following-up ensures successful results. We believe we are not done until you are satisfied.  Learn how our Production Process can benefit you.


To learn more about Sales Videos, Product Information Videos, Corporate Videos, Broadcast Commercial Spots, Duplication & Packaging Services, Live Real Time Broadcasting and other services, request a Complimentary Consultation.

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