Our Values


We value communication -

At Sweetwater Video Productions our job is to make sure your video gets your message across to your audience. To do that we have to understand your goals and objectives. We work closely with you through all phases of the creation of your video. From script writing to screenplay, from location selection to font choices, we collaborate with you and solicit your input so that your video accurately portrays your unique message and your company's unique style.


We value economy -

Videos can be very expensive. We know that your video project has to meet a budget. We strive to produce a video that stays within your budget without sacrificing quality. We spend time with you up front to understand your requirements so we can quote a price you can bank on. When we quote you a price, we stick with it. The only time we will alter the cost is if it actually costs us less to produce (thus saving you money), or if you add requirements or features after you accept our quote. Even then, we'll let you know how much extra the changes will be before we execute the change order. In short, we work to give you a great video at a great price.


We value integrity -

Some companies will say or do anything to get your business. At Sweetwater Video Productions we value honesty. You can always count on us to shoot straight with you. We will say what we mean and do what we say - even if it costs us.


We value quality -

These days almost anybody can shoot video. Even cell phones can capture and assemble video segments. It takes years of experience to be able to shoot good video and craft something that people will actually want to watch. Thats what we bring to the table. We'll bring a level of craftsmanship to your project that will result in a video you'll be proud to have represent your company.


Contact us and we'll help you get started crafting a video that will put your company's best foot forward!

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