Our Production Process


Before Production Begins


Project Definition:

Sweetwater Video Productions works with your key personnel to:




After project approval, the pre-production process begins. Working with your personnel, Sweetwater Video will:




The Day of the Shoot



Careful scheduling of production resources insures that your project comes in on time and on budget.


All of the planning we do with you  "comes to a head" when we begin production of your video. Whether it is a quick half-day shoot or a larger scale production that takes place over several days, we bring together a group of talented people to manage lighting, audio, makeup, filming and more.


It doesn't matter if your location is inside an office building, on the factory floor, in a chemical plant, or on a sound stage; our production crew has the experience to get the shots we need to get your message to your audience.


If you are running a live event, we bring a team of camera operators and a technical director to capture your event to video while it happens. Read More about producing your live event.



After the Shoot is Done




A polished video depends on artistic editing. Once the raw footage is "in the can," Sweetwater Video will:



Post-production is an iterative process where we take the footage, cut it, paste it, and adjust it. Throughout editing, we create progress files for you to review and provide feedback. We continue the edit and review process until you are happy with the product. At that point we finalize the video and deliver the finished product to you.


Whether you leave all the editing to us or sit with us while we work together to craft your video, we'll make sure your video is one you're happy with.

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