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Sweetwater's value stems from a thorough understanding of what makes business video projects successful. Successful business videos require meeting tangible business requirements while creating the emotional experience that will motivate prospects, customers and employees. Most video production businesses are capable of producing an excellent quality of video because of their core competency in that area, but that video may not necessarily "work" for meeting the business objectives. Conversely, many businesses are able to produce a video "in house" with proper messaging and purpose, but it does not reflect the quality and image achievable through using professionals. Sweetwater Video Productions bridges business needs and drivers with artistic capability to deliver a high quality, high impact video that delivers tangible results.


Because Sweetwater was founded by a business professional, effective business processes are used to produce the video. These processes include the following:



Our specialty is helping others see your company's intangible assets such as the passion of the workforce, satisfaction of customers, the motivating work environment, and so on. Today, most businesses rely on relatively invisible core competencies like their culture, their service and their knowledge. Sweetwater Video makes these competencies visible.


Our guarantee is that we are not done until you are satisfied.


Though we are based just outside of Houston, our work takes us all over the country. We've worked in chemical plants, office buildings, factories, police and fire departments from Canada to South Texas. In short, we can meet the challenges of difficult location shoots.


To learn more about Sales Videos, Product Information Videos, Corporate Videos, Broadcast Commercial Spots, Duplication & Packaging Services, and other services, request a Complimentary Consultation.

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